Knee surgery

Hello…I am now just 10 days away from having a left knee replacement…it was postponed from November.

I was wondering how swollen my knee will be afterwards and for how long?

I guess I need to be buying some loose joggers. Any thoughts and suggestions?


  • CCM
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    Good luck, @nicholaj. If you carru out a seach in Recent Posts on "knee surgery" you should be able to access threads relating to this topic.

    Plese keep posting so you can add your rexperince to the body of knowledge that is growing all the time.

    Good luck,


  • MissA
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    Hi Nicholaj, wishing you all the best for your knee surgery.

    I had my right knee replaced 8 days ago, although it wasn’t as swollen as I expected I too bought some lose fitting joggers. You don’t want to be trying to pull on anything tight fitting, like leggings or jeans. I also wore a skirt made of jersey/jogger material, which made moving easier too. I made sure I wore my trainers for good grip & stability especially when the physiotherapist gets you doing post op exercises the following day.

    Good Luck.

  • Lane
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    Hello @nicholaj it is good to see you connecting with other members.

    You are shortly due to have surgery on your left knee. You want to know how soon after and how long your knee will be swollen for. I have attached a link from our website for you to read, I hope you find it helpful:

    Keep in touch with us and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes.