Sjögren's syndrome and OA


I was wondering if the above arthritis has and connections to S.S.. I have severe OA and also many symptoms of S.S. But no diagnosis of it.



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    I don'-t think there's a connection. The connection is with autoimmune forms of arthritis. However, I imagine there's no reason why having OA would exempt someone from Sjorgrens, alas. Why not ask your GP?

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    Being an autoimmune inflammatory condition, Sjögren’s is most often associated with other inflammatory conditions like RA or lupus, but I had RA for starters, then a main course of SS, then OA came along for pudding, with a few side dishes too – so a few things on my plate. Diagnosis of SS is tricky and can take a while.  It’s a syndrome so it affects everyone differently.  Unfortunately most GPs are not well informed about SS, so you’re probably best asking for a referral to rheumatology if you think you have SS. If you haven’t seen it already, the British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association website is very helpful and if you join (£25 a year, well worth it) you’ll have access to a number of local support groups across the country, an online forum, online seminars from leading experts and much more.  Good luck with the diagnosis. It’s not a nice thing to have. No cure and very little effective treatment (sounds grim but “managing” is possible).

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