Driving aids

I’ve been browsing through old posts about driving & reading up about safety responsibilities etc. Does anyone have experience of driving with a steering wheel spinner knob? My left wrist is getting more restrictive and my grip is weak at the angle required by the steering wheel; right wrist is okay most of the time.


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    Is a spinner knob different from an ordinary steering wheel knob?

    I only learned to drive in my 20s when I got my first Motability car. At my first driving lesson my instructor put a knob on thinking it'd be easier for me. I was fine until he asked me to turn right and I realised mymhand wouldn't reach so far as the top of the steering wheel. He said I'd never learn to drive. I went to a far less prestigious school and passed my test first time. No knob, though!

    I don't think the knobs are expensive so why not just try one out somewhere quiet. Oŕ, maybe a thicker steering wheel might help. Why not look for a garage that does adaptions for Motability? They might have suggestions.

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