Hi I am.on sulfasalizine and methotrexate injections and I want to stop the methotrexate. I switched to injection to reduce stomach effects but doesn't seem to make any difference. I feel rubbish for 2 days on average and then dread taking the next dose.

Just wondering if anyone has had done the same and what options there are?

Thanks steve


  • ianbradley1971

    Hi Steve

    i am in the same boat I take the same as you and I am always getting I’ll with uveitis 3 times in 9 months and just feeling crap all the time .

    I just had a bout of kidney infection so decided thats enough I thought the negatives were out doing the positives so I decided to stop taking my methotrexate as I have a hospital opointment coming up and I can switch to something else not so heavy . By the 2nd week I could not get out of bed and different parts of my body that I forgot hurts was really bad enough pain for me to take my methotrexate knowing that i was going to I’ll

    So if you can see someone before you stop I would recommend that as it definitely working in the background I can walk today after my injection yesterday and I was struggling

  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @Steveg have a look through the following, but no doubt others who have direct experience of methotrexate will connect and provide their thoughts as well

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