Gabapentin withdrawal.

I have taken Gabapentin for neck and lower back issues for just under a year. I wonder if anyone else has had issues with weaning off this drug. I feel I’d like to come off it because of the brain fog and tiredness this drug gives me. My prescribed dosage is three 200mg doses per day. After reducing to 100mg morning and afternoon and 200mg at bedtime over 3weeks, I get many weird symptoms. Dizziness, shakiness, headaches, depression and anxiety. Anyone else weaned off this drug?


  • frogmorton
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    Oh gosh no @2travellers I didn't have this problem when I came off it and my dose was much higher, but I had no side affects on it either it just did nothing to help me.

    What you are describing though is very similar to what people have said on here in the past when weaning off any long-term medication.

    Are you having medical support with your reduction? Maybe the speed is a little too fast? you can get the oral solution in 50ml sized so your GP might be able to help slow it down???

    Best of luck

    Toni x

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    Hi @2travellers

    I've just completed about 6 weeks of gabapentin - 3 x 300mgs daily. The original prescription was for a month but the GP said I couldn't just stop it and he then reduced the dosage to 2 x 300mgs for a further 5 days then 1 x 300mgs for 5 days. Like @frogmorton I didn't feel it had done me any good in the time I had taken it. Funnily enough it was prescribed to counteract really bad headaches I've been having after my cardiologist had changed my blood thinner - which has now been changed back as of today.

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    Hello @2travellers

    Others have given you some good feedback, but you may also be interested in reading more about Gabapentin in the link below.

    Best wishes


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