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Hi i have arthritis in both knees and both hands and now I have started with pain in my elbow I tryed all the creams and take 3 Amitriptyline a night I have two children with needs a push on with the pain but it’s getting really hard lately what do people find helps with pain


  • Baloo
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    Once I get pain I look for some time when I can take the weight off the joint and rest the joint up. Since every joint potentially aches in different ways the rest up seems to come at different times and different ways. Usually I am pretty well rested by the end of the weekend and then it all starts again.

  • Anna
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    Hello @Clairelouise21,

    Have you seen these gentle exercises specifically for elbow pain? It might be worth having a look at them. They’re from the Versus Arthritis website:

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  • jonr
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    If you experience pain from any of your connecting tissues (such as the hamstrings and cruciate ligaments for example) in your knees then I find a vibration gun to provide some good relief. These look like hairdryers with a rubber Squash ball on the end and have different intensity settings. I stick this in behind my knees and press as hard as possible, moving it up and down the back of my legs and it does seem to relieve the pain. Otherwise, a mixture of hot wheat bags and a cold compress wrapped around them reduces swelling and the heat.