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Hi I haven't been on for a while as lots going on...meds changed...

Having alot of pain in wrists & hands & wondering if anyone has tried the pure turmeric oil that you rub in, been seeing lots of adverts for it & great reviews but quite expensive, also I'm suffering badly with fatigue...I've got a phone appointment with the RA dept on the 3rd March & hoping there is something they can give me for it, is that even a possibility ? Any help/advice would be very much appreciated ☺️☺️


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    Something that works for me is to express my physical or mental fatigue as a mood, such as feeling nothing or feeling fresh, feeling anxious or feeling optimistic, being as I have to treat each of these moods differently. I just had a flare up and ended up saying I feel stiff, but fatigue wise if the pain goes on long enough, I end up feeling nothing, drained, and it will be a while before that changes even if the pain goes away.

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    Hi, I haven't tried tumeric sorry and you may already have these but I find compression gloves quite good for hands. For my wrists I have splints from occupational health.

    Best of luck with your appointment!

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    Hi @Angel666 welcome back after a length of time away from our online community.

    A lot has been going on for you with meds change due to pain in your wrists and hands. You want to know if anyone has tried pure turmeric oil.  You are suffering for fatigue also. You have an appointment on 3 March with the RA dept. hoping that they may help.  You are open to any help or advice.  I have attached a few links from our website for you to have a look at:

    Let us know how you get on with your appointment on 3 March. In the meantime continue to connect with our members for tips and advice.

    Best wishes.

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    Hi @Angel666

    Although tumeric pills didn't work for me, it may be worth a try. Putting oils and creams on hands or wrists only works for as long as you don't wash your hands.

    If you want to try it I would suggest putting it on as you go to bed with a pair of gloves to get the full benefit and see if it does work.

    Personally I use "hot hands" or something similar tucked inside a pair of gloves to keep in place

    They're freely available in a pack of two from a lot of shops. I get mine by the box of the selling site starting in "am," other sites are available but I find this the cheapest.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

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    You say you have an appointment with the rheumatology dept. I think that's your best bet but you do say also that your meds have been changed. Is that because you were already flaring? If so, how long have you been on the new ones? Most DMARDS take up to 12 weeks to work. The others have made some good suggestions re dealing with the symptoms. I hope rheumatology can deal with the cause.

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    Hi @stickywicket so I started using the turmeric massage oil & does give some relief, had the phone appointment with RA nurse & recommended an extra blood test to see if I needed B12 for the fatigue, had it but heard nothing back so far so who knows...I was changed on meds just before Christmas as had a reaction to Methotrexate (hands covered in blisters) they gave me a steroid injection & started me on Salazopyrin (2000mg per day) but still getting lots of joint pain especially hands & wrists, she said my RA markers are increasing again slightly so may need some tweaking on meds but heard nothing since....will give it another couple of weeks & then contact them again.. don't have any appointments ATM either, thinking maybe make an appointment with GP if nothing else happens soon maybe, hope all is good with you ☺️