Viral infection recovery

Hi, has anyone had the virus going around this year?

It's not COVID but generally lasting about 3weeks. I know a few people who have had it myself included but I'm in my 5th week now. Pharmacist said viral infection but I phoned Dr after 4 weeks who said it could be secondary bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics over the phone. Also did bloods because of sore throat and methotrexate but this showed no concern.

I still have a sore and dry feeling throat a slight chest irritation (difficult to explain) and ear ache which comes and goes.

How long did it take to feel fully recovered? x


  • Trish9556
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    I've not heard of or had this, certainly don't want it with my bronchiectstasis so thanks for the warning! Sorry I can't help answer your question.

    I hope you feel better soon

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • Fran54
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    Not sure if what I had in the new year was a viral infection, but it started with a dry sore throat and a tickly cough. A day or so later my left ear became blocked and everything sounded muzzy. I tried olive oil ear drops which did not help and eventually booked a hearing test appt.

    I was told my ear had impacted wax and would need clearing. I had this done, but was told I had an inner ear infection. Was advised to buy a brand of nasal spray and after about 5 days my ear was clear and everything else also healed. So I don't know what caused it, but am glad it cleared up without having to resort to try and see my doctor.🙂

  • Trish9556
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    Hi @Fran54

    what was the nasal spray? I'd be interesting in unblocking my ears....but then again I'd be able to hear the husband lol.

    Can you PM me if you don't want to put it on here please?

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • CCM
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    Hi @gemz10. I get one of these every autumn. Lasts more or less until spring. It's annoying rahter than anything else. One year I went to the Dr and had the full works - chest X-ray, bloods and a bronchcosopy. Nothing untoward found, I just go for an over the counter throat lozenge when it gets annoying.


  • Fran54
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    Hi Trish9556

    the nasal spray is called Sterimar and there are a couple of variations, but it is not cheap. It is 100% natural sea water based solution and is free from steroids/drugs/preservatives. I think most chemists should stock it. Hope it will help.

    Take care.🙂

  • gemz10
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    Thanks CCM. I'll definitely make sure I have a good supply of throat lozenges. It's so annoying isn't it. I was advised against a throat spray by pharmacist as it can dry throat out more. They recommend flavoured ice cubes. I thought maybe I'll make some with a vodka or Bailey's 🤣

    Definitely good that both untoward going on. I suppose it's just takes us warriors longer to recover.

    All the best


  • airwave
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    I had covid last March and later last year went to the pulmonary clinic (lungs) and the consultant asked me if I had had covid, I said yes about eight months ago, she said my lungs were a lot clearer from my last 6 monthly x-Ray. So yes it does affect us and for longer than we think although I might not have quantified what was happening it was noticed.

    The virus and it’s affects have changed over time.

    pits a grin, honest!