I don’t know how much more pain I can take.

everything my doctor has pricribed isn’t working

I had a left hip replacement October 2021, and thought my pain would be gone, but under physio as I can’t sit or stand for any periods of time as the pain going through my leg, I could cry, physio says it’s inflammation and a nerve that is trapped around the joint ,

I feel like my pain is going on , not better

in so depressed

been told I have Arthritis in both knees, and the right hip hurts aswell,

I want to remove my lower half of my body

i just want the dull aching to stop , I’m so upset


  • Trish9556
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    Hi @MARIE49

    I'm sorry you're still suffering - I have all of this to come at some point in the dim and distant future.

    What are the physio's doing to help your pain. inflammation, trapped nerve and knees? Something positive I hope.

    Not sure what meds you are on but agree with you that constant aching is debillitating, depressing and gets you down. Mine usually is helped with paracetamol, a bit of heat, hot bath or some good old fashioned Ralgex/Deep Heat.

    I usually tell the drs and my surgeon to cut me in half top to bottom and throw away the left side but as the right side is getting as bad it's not worth it any more as they'd be nothing left :)

    I hope the Physios are giving you some help and not just stating the obvious and saying well that's your 4th appointment and I can't do any more you'll have to be re-referred. If they're not giving you any help you need to send a rocket up somebody's probverial and see how they like the pain :) Failing that speak to your GP and tell tehm you need help, urgently, all better if you can get a face to face appointment. I hope somebody on here can give you some better help and advice :)

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx