Just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and given Methotrexate to take but I am really anxious about taking them.


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    Hello @flossy62 welcome to the online community

    You have recently been diagnosed with RA and have been given methotrexate which you are anxious about taking. Many of us when first diagnosed are anxious about the disease and the prescribed medication. We are a friendly group here to support anyone affected by living with arthritis and we hope that the information on the site and tips from our members will help relieve some of that anxiety you are feeling. I attach some links which I hope you will find helpful

    It takes a while to adjust to living with RA and I hope that we can offer you friendship and support along the way. Let us know if you have any questions about the information , our members are great for sharing their tips about all manner of concerns. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Take care


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    I have just been started on Methotrexate back in January.

    I can understand your concern as its cytotoxic and everyone thinks dangerous, but in low doses its pretty safe.

    I worked in a dispensary and worked with it, initially I felt sick with it, but only for about 2 weeks on the day I took the folic acid.

    I'm about 4 or 5 weeks in and its all settled fine.

    I've seen adults and kids taking it without issue, its not as bad as it seems.

    Its how your body reacts to it, but I know someone who's been on it for a long time and they are fine.

    I hope it helps.

  • flossy62
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    Thank you for your reply You have made me feel a lot easier about taking it, so I took it this evening, so far so good.

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    I am on Week 6 of Methotrexate and, like you, was really apprehensive about taking it. However, I have been fine and am noticing a reduction in the level of pains and aches. I have a checkup on Tuesday so hopefully all will be well.

    I hope that things are progressing well for you and choppers!

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    Thank you for replying I am so pleased that it is working for you, it is encouraging to hear, I only took my first dose last night felt a bit nauseous earlier but seems to be settled now. Good luck for your check up Tuesday.

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    I have been on Methotrexate for 20 years, the day I take it I feel a little tired but have got used to it. Never had any problems, so hope it is ok for you too.

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    That is good to know makes me feel a lot better. Thank you for letting me know.

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    Hi everyone, I have recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I was initially put on hydroxychloroquine, but had to stop due to an allergic reaction, which is a shame because it seemed to be easing my pain. My rheumatologist has recommended methotrexate, so it is good to read your comments. This is my first post, and it seems like a really supportive group. Looking forward to reading more of your stories.