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I’m hoping that someone on here can give some advice please. It’s possibly a bit left field as there seems to be a lot of information and advice on symptoms, medication, mental health, exercise etc but I need advice/help with basic projects around the house. I’ll try keep this short so as not to bore everyone. My partner and I are both late 50’s and we met not very long before I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. He’s been fantastic and supportive and does so much for me. We were renting a property and decided to buy a small bungalow. We thought we were pretty lucky as our house had been featured on ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ and naively thought we had bought a home that had been renovated and the little money we had kept aside would be for the garden which we knew needed work. Anyhow the bottom line is the horrors has just been hidden. So the little we had left was spent on the things to make home liveable.

To try cut this very long story short, what I’m trying to ask is, due to my limited physical ability to help my partner so we can do things ourselves, where do my fellow arthritis warriors turn for DIY help when funds are limited and your partner does everything he can to get jobs done. We both work full time. My working days are 11/12 hours five days a week so generally always fatigued.

Any advice will be welcome. I feel so guilty all the time with my partner doing everything.


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    Hello @Stuckinthemud welcome to the online community

    Your present situation is that you have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and you have recently moved to a house full of hidden horrors. Your partner is shouldering the bulk of the DIY projects and you are feeling guilty about your physical ability to help and support him and sort the house out.

    We are a friendly supportive group and our members will I am sure share their advice and tips with you.

    I attach some information which I hope you will find helpful

    Could you see your role as the planner of adaptations and equipment that you might need in the future that can be built into the general scheme whilst you are in a state of change and the financial resources researcher for grants that might be available from your local council and/or charities. With that in mind I attach details of some agencies that might be able to give you advice and grants.

    Doing a full time job and returning to face a house that is in need of a lot of improvements is a daunting task so I am not surprised you are struggling with fatigue. So do look after yourself first and foremost.

    Do let us know how you are getting on

    Take care


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