Implications of steroid jab working?

Hi all,

I had my 1st rheumatology appointment this week after suffering pain and swelling in my joints since Christmas- 1st my hands and wrists, then elbows, then knees and finally my feet started to join in, as well as fatigue, dry eyes and mouth and morning stiffness. Inflammatory tests the gp did were just above normal (but they didn't test RF) so the consultant ordered more tests as he wasn't comfortable making a diagnosis at that point - but he did get me a steroid jab in the bum, which has been nothing short of amazing. I have a follow up appointment in May but I'm wondering if the steroid jab working so well suggests the joint issues definitely are inflammatory, and if so whether there's any other possible causes apart from rheumatoid arthritis? (No signs of PsA)

Also, is this likely to last to May? I'm not sure I can cope with going back to how much pain I was in before it.

Thanks- lurking on other's posts while I waited for my appointment really helped me cope.