knee giving way

I have fibromyalgia, CFS and osteoarthritis in my right knee. I had a steroid injection on 5 Jan which seemed to be great at first but now I am having difficulty walking. I had my second physio session on Friday where they have suggested squats with a 8kg weight and other exercises. I did say my knee keeps locking up but physio just talked about exercises.

I am finding it difficult to walk at the moment due to my knee locking up and giving way. Any suggestions what to do?


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    It's horrible when that happens, as it has with me several times. The physio will help with strengthening the joint for sure which ultimately will help to reduce it giving way but it's a long process. Steroid injections are a bit hit and miss I think - some people only need one course, others need to have them repeated every 3 months or so.

    If you're not already doing so, you could try wearing a support sleeve or stocking. You may need to experiment with a few until you find one which provides the support you need to prevent it giving way.

    It could be worth a chat with your GP for a referral to MSK (Muscular Skeletal) to speak with a consultant about the locking issue. They in turn may refer you to Orthopaedics to speak with an expert about other more invasive options

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    I wonder if anyone has suffered with this type of arthritis I have degenerative lumbar spondylosis,stenosis/osteoarthritis, I have used walking sticks for over 23 years, and two days ago I was taking my dogs out and I could not get out of the car and when I did my legs would not move, I was helped back inside my car and was followed home so that I could get help getting indoors. The pain was immense and my daughter took me to Lister Hospital A and E where they x rayed me and gave me a zimmer frame to walk around with, but it is of no use as my doors are not wide enough for me to use, but anyway I have never experienced so much pain and cannot put any weight on my right leg . I was told it was a severe onset of arthritis and would take many months to go, I live with my dogs and finding it so debilitating anyone any ideas that I can do to help it, I am also allergic to all known painkillers, which makes it even worse. Thank you for reading.

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    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experienced this problem I suffer with degenerative lumber spondylosis stenosis/osteoarthritis,bursitis and two days ago I tried to get out of my car and my legs would not move, I had help getting back in the car and was followed home by a friend who helped me to get out of the car and into my home. I phoned my daughter and she took me to Lister A and E where they x-rayed me and said that it was a severe onset of arthritis and they did not know how long it would take to repair. I have never experienced such pain , and I cannot put any weight on my right leg. It happened all so quickly in the morning I was fine but the pain that shot in my leg I just put down to the usual pain when the weather changes, but if anyone has any ideas that I can do the relieve this awful predicament. They supplied me with a zimmer frame but my doors are too narrow for me to use, and now use two walking sticks, I have used sticks now for over 23 years, an I am also allergic to all pain killers, so if anyone has any suggestions I would welcome them with open arms. Thank you for reading.

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    I had stiff knees for about a year now, and frustrated that all I can do is a shuffly walk and having to take great care what I do if I want to avoid pain. However, I recently had the good fortune of being able to attend the Nuffield gym at work and follow up with a visit to the doctor for advice. He sees how I stuggle to get out of a chair and says, exercise your quadriceps. I go to the gym and say quadriceps. The Nuffield guy points at the leg press and says leg press. I get on and do about 15 reps at minimum weight. There is this overwhelming feeling comes on halfway of, "hey, I can do this". I would say mentally it is the biggest boost I had since I caught arthritis.

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    I think you need to change your physio. Physio exercise is brilliant but you need someone who knows what they are doing.

    I had a burser removed from my right knee many years ago and now have oesteo- arthritis more or less everywhere (complicated back story won't go into it all) Steroid injections worked in one knee for around 6 months but in the other for just about 2 months. I had 2 lots and then athroscopies (there's debate about whether they do any good). I thought they helped. I have since had a new knee joint.

    I used to do contemporary/ballet classes but my physio at the hospital said no way was I to do grande plees (same as squats) but only demi-plees - half bends. She showed me how to do them and they really help. Not ballet turn out. She was a specialist in arthritic conditions.

    I also do quad and gut pull ups which you can even do sitting down. They are brilliant for knees. I you can get in and out of a char without holding on.

    I can no longer do it but I used to use a static bike - no spin classes - but gentle cycling - I could read a book or listen to the Archers while I did my 20 miles with no resistance. That really helped.

    You need a physio who has been trained to work with folks with arthritis in the knee. Folk at gyms don't understand our problems. Ask to see a specialist arthritic physio. Mine in Ipswich was absolutely brilliant. Now I have exercises that help and I can do daily. No static bike though, no room in this house. But my daily quad/glut and core muscle standing exercises really make a difference.

    Use the videos on VA as they are really great and helpful.

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    @Angela2 its kind of logical that your physio doesn't know about knee locking, and as @Moira might even be the wrong physio. When I started in the gym the first thing they wanted was physio advise, and since the first thing a physio wants is doctors advise thats where I went next with the full story about my stiff knees. The doctor was the best person to decide, and was really pleased to assist. We arranged a knees X-ray, and the appropriate physio will be taking it from there.