New here and newly diagnosed with RA

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Helo everyone, as mentioned in title, im new here and diagnosed with RA around a month ago. Im on a prednisone taper, and took my first dose of methotrexate today. Im not happy at all to have to take this med as im scared of the side effects and have an anxiety problem to begin with. Anyway, i just need a place to connect with others, obtain info and try to adjust to this new and unwelcomed situation.



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    I feel for you. I was diagnosed over a year ago now and had never had any long term medical conditions prior to that, so being told I would need to be on drugs to control the RA was daunting. However, by the time I started on methotrexate I felt anything must be better than carrying on with the pain, the swollen joints etc etc. I have been pleasantly surprised at the lack of side effects. I know everyone is different, but I haven't experienced anything significant. Yes, to begin with I was tired, weepy and a felt a bit out of it, but over the months these feelings have lessened as has the pain and the swelling. Try to think about the positive impact the drug is going to have on your symptoms. Good luck!

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    A quick hello from me @InnerDimensions I spotted your post and wanted to welcome you to the Online Community.

    As you are newly diagnosed it might be an idea to take a look at this information:

    For me I struggled with long-term medication too. Prior to my diagnosis I had always had a 'course' of medication and I felt quite devastated that I would be taking this medication indefinitely.

    Like @Fif I personally found it to be nowhere near as bad as the leaflets warn us. Should you struggle with your Methotrexate (MTX) and have side effects there are lots of people here who take it who can give you tips to help.

    My best wishes