Meltdown Day.


Dear All,

Hope you don't mind me offloading.

I've had one of those frustrating days. The Red Cross I thought were delivering Mr All the aids that the OT had ordered. Turns out he hadn't ordered them all because nobody had told him I wasn't being operated on in the NHS hospital he works at! He thought I'd pick things up on the ward.

Then I should have had 2 calls from the hospital (4 if you include thr ones promised because the first lot didn't happen) . I stayed in all day waiting around for others. They either didn't happen, or only partially.

But I just can't stop bursting into tears. I just feel so up tight and anxious. Did anyone else have a similar reaction the first time they had an operation.

Happily Christie, who has been a gem as a helper, came up to check how I was. I really needed that 🫂.

Any ideas on coping would be welcome.



  • Trish9556
    Trish9556 Member Posts: 547

    Hi Sheelee

    You're having such a big surgery and trying to go through it all in your own, anybody would have a meltdown when things don't happen as you expected them to and when you don't get the promised phonecalls.

    I can't offer a real hug but I can give you a shoulder where you can let off steam.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day and I'm sending you loads if love and lots of hugs

    Trish xxxx

    PS I hope Christie had cake!

  • Sheelee
    Sheelee Member Posts: 153

    Hi Trish et al,

    Still.a meltdown day, but at least I feel I got things done today. Some was towards the operation; some was towards the holiday next week, in case I do go.

    Felt very sorry for myself this morning as my back siezed up in a way it hasn't for years. I'm glad I didn't decide to curl bed, and did decide to move around and do some jobs outside my home.

    It's not got rid of it, but it's no worse than it was this morning, and I got loads done. So much better than sitting around waiting for people to do as they agreed, with nothing to show for it! I was in a service delivery job with people. People must have thought I was a freak because, if I arranged to visit or call, I actually did it!! Weird eh??!!

    So though still very tearful, I do see a clearing whereby I can start to.slow down come Friday. Yipeeeeeeeee.

    Hope your day's been as pain free and purposeful.

    Sheelee xx

  • stickywicket
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    I guess getting on with things was a bdave decision but I'm really glad it worked out well. Now you càn look back on the day as a real 'achieving' one. Well done, you.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
  • Lilymary
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    It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed at this stage, particularly when so much seems out of our control. But you did great, you dug deep and got on with stuff. It’s still ok to cut yourself some slack when it all gets too much though.Hang on in there, it’ll all work itself out eventually.