Pain management or the lack off it

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Hi was diagnosed in 2118 since this time all I've recieved is exercise charts exercises to do daily painkillers co.codamol walking sticks two thumb braces for tennatitus I've bought knee supports had so maney different ones at a bit off a loss nothing seems to work or realy help so take co codamol 4 x daily voltarol 2x daily always on the go daily bye the end of my day quiet seazed up and stiff go to bed can't sleep arthritis wakes me up then can't get out of bed seized up make a cupper been dropping a few cups lately loosing grip in my hands throb and sore my knees feel swolen 1st thing and most of the day back feels like a steal rods been pushed through it there's more just general fed up had enough and don't feel like I am getting any where fast asked physio at pain management clinick for injections for knees greated with a blank expression give it a few weeks then we will see months ago still nothing could go on and on getting nowhere very disillusioned with both pain management an physio therapist and the wait between appointments is insane months Well thats the rant for today any ideas would be welcome


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    Hello @Poppy63 and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have problems with your hands and knees and have only been given painkillers and exercises. I've put a couple of links in below which may be of interest. The Capsaicin cream is available on prescription but I find it helps with my hands in providing some temporary relief, but have a read through and see if might help you .

    and also you might find the following of use

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure that others will connect with you to share their support and experiences as well.

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

  • I feel your pain. I was diagnosed in my late 20's. Have had further xrays and all they say is more loss of connective tissue. Been waiting months for a bone scan. Had a bad fall and done horrendous damage to my arm. Like you I'm up during the night . My pain relief just gets put up if I see doctor which is months to wait. Currently on 400 gabapentin 3 times a day, and tramadol . No anti inflammatory drug because of my stomach. I'm 65 and suffered most my life, just feel we are written off now, it's a case of put up and shut up. Nhs is on the way out I think, that's my rant today too! Lol .

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    I feel for you.

    Can you ask for an appointment with a rhumatologist poppy? Maybe you already have one. They seem to be in short supply. The problem with arthritis is that there is no cure. It is managing the pain and the mobility in a way that suits you. Different people also have different pain thresholds too. Sometimes difficult to get a balance.

    You can get hooked on pain killers but you should be guided with a regime that will suit you. I have dry-codamol for during the day but try not to use it unless I have to. After a great many years I have got used toa modicum of pain. I have stronger stuff to use at night. I also have omneprazole (ask about that or mberferine "granypants" it's similar - ignore my spelling! I'm dyslexic!) because of stomach problems. It means that you can take painkillers.

    I find I have exercises that are gentle help a lot - look at the VA videos with Leon and his mum - very helpful.

    I was on tramadol after my knee joint op and some problems that developed afterwards but it made me feel weird and worse. I know it is addictive so I weened myself off it.

    Hope you can both find a pain and exercise regime that helps. At 70 |I can no longer dance- boo-hoo!

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    Hi Poppy63 - I understand your pain and frustration. I really do. I have been receiving progressive treatment for my thumb joints since 2016. I can't offer any quick fix solutions I'm afraid, but I know that when I swim and take a sauna or steam I am relieved from the agony temporarily.

    Hi Grannypants1 - I too cannot take anti inflammatories, even with omeprazole. My stomach gets so sore. I'm using probiotics to ease the discomfort.

    I know we're all advised to keep moving and exercising but that is very difficult sometimes.

    I am finding this community post is a good way to let off steam and know that I'm not alone in my suffering. Those who don't have arthritis can't appreciate it. I have a high pain threshold and I'm determined not to give up my work and daily activities but it's depressing to be in constant pain.