I am fed up of hurting

Hello everyone


  • Tom
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    Welcome to the forum, @ shaznayuk. If you care to post again with more information about your condition and your problems, I am sure that the Forum will respond with help and advice. 

    Tom, Moderator. 

  • SusieTop
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    Me too, I’m always researching ways to cope with the pain of osteoarthritis. I’ve been successful with Marine Collagen which is incredibly effective on my hands! But my lower back and knee (after replacement) are very sore all the time. I’m still on Morphine but I’m trying to cut it down and stop taking it as it’s not working like it used to. My advice is to keep on looking for other ways to help or distract yourself. I’m trying to get through this horrible condition and it does get me down too. Glucosamine condroitin helps my mum but hasn’t helped me. I also meet up every week with some friends who are all fighting various illnesses and we crochet, knit or felt and have a lot of laughs. Sometimes we just talk and don’t do a stitch of crafting! We all have different bodies sometimes we just have to keep trying, so easy to say but, so much harder to do. Take care sweetie. X