Osteo in my fingers

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I have severe osteoarthritis in my fingers affecting mostly the top joints closest to the nail. I'm told these are called Heberden Nodes? and these are very prominent. Is there anything anyone knows of that can ease this e.g compression gloves which would cover this area? I am unable to tolerate NSAIDs due to other health issues and ointments etc provide no relief..


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    Hi @Madmac

    Thanks for posting on the forum, great to hear from you.

    Sorry you are having a hard time with your hands currently it must be difficult not being able to take the NSAIDs too. I have linked to some of out info and it mentions hot/cold treatment, wax bath, hand therapies, splints so I hope this will provide you with some options to try.

    Let us know how you get on

    All the best


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  • Hi @Madmac

    Can you ask to be referred to a Hand Physiotherapist? They showed me various types of tapes/tubes for the fingers. Nothing takes the pain away but can give a temporary relief. I found Coban Tape worked best for me. (Link for how to apply it: https://youtube/5danLh_X6-0)

    I also wear the pressure gloves sometimes but often find they are just a bit too short to help the distal joints of the fingers.

    Soaking in warm water gives brief temporary relief & helps me move my hands to keep the movement going.

    On a side note my arthritis started in my fingers & I had Heberden’s nodes/diagnosis of osteoarthritis for a number of years gradually worsening. Around Covid times my fingers really inflamed. It was only when referred for an ultrasound guided steroid injection that the doctor doing this procedure suggested my presentation was more in line with Psoriatic Arthritis or a zero-negative inflammatory arthritis. I am since on DMARDS which has helped but I have both PsA & osteoarthritis. I get the impression if I had started on DMARDS sooner I may have avoided a lot of the joint deformity & pain I live with. It may be worth checking - especially being aware of anyone in the family with psoriasis. I by no means suggest this is what you have but if you get new swellings don’t just assume it is your osteoarthritis but check it out.

    Hand massage when done well can help too & the exercises on this website. Exercises to avoid carpal tunnel too as this can impact fingers also.

    If you find anything else helpful let us know. I really hope you find some relief. I am really struggling with my right index finger at the moment so would welcome any suggestions too! Wishing you well.