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Good morning! I suffer from osteoarthritis in my thumb joints. I'm approved for surgery for trapeziectomies but, like so many of us, I am on a long waiting list. I work full time and find the mornings are a real struggle with my pain. Does anyone have any useful advice or tips on how best to manage my pain in order to set me up for the day, please.

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    Hello @Ange66 and welcome to the Community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you have osteoarthritis in your thumb joints and are waiting for an operation. This is something I can relate to as I have it in my thumbs as well. Have you tried Capsaicin cream? It is available on prescription and helps provide some relief

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    With best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

  • Moira
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    I too have that problem and am awaiting the op on my right hand (left needs doing too) - perhaps next century.......

    I have had steroid injections. In one hand successful but not really in the other. But I was sent to the hospital Occupational Therapist by the specialist.

    She has been brilliant. I have splits and also compression gloves (but you need to be careful you don't wear them for too long or you end up impeeding blood flow). Her exercises work, aren't difficult to do, and make a huge difference - especially first thing in the morning. I also, under her advice bought some orthopaedic putty on line. It's a bit like plasticene or blu-tak but not so sticky. Sitting and working it really loosens up the joints. I do it in meetings and watching TV - think I drive my husband mad with it!

    I didn't find the capsicum cream much help, as it irritated my skin, but some people swear by it. My advice though is ask to see an OT. They are real stars.

    Look on the VA site for exercises and help too.