Dieting for a hip replacement and exersise


I've got to diet for a left hip replacement. I've got to get my weight down but I'm finding it extremely difficult with medical conditions and my autium without support. I've had support from east Staffordshire council weightloss group 12 week free program but that wasn't .much help because of my understanding. I am now left to get on with my diet independently and I woundered if there is any advive anyone could give me to get my weight down so that my pain will ease and my consultant at Birmingham othopedic hospital will eventually do my operation. Also I've been told by my.consiltant that swimming is the best form of exersise but my physio won't let me go swimming because my balance and coordination isn't good enough. Has anyone else had trouble with being aloud to swim before? I can swim like a fish 🐟 but untill I can strengthen my muscles he won't left me go unfortunately. So what exersise for my hip would anyone recommend that I could do that isn't to hard for me to do without support and that I could do as a routine and keep up with on a regular basis and is not to expensive?


  • Poppyjane
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    HI @Pollyllop1992

    I have welcomed you in another post but just wanted to attach the swimming link for you to look at. I have mentioned the stretching videos in my previous post and hope that when you have tried some of these for a while that your balance and coordination will improve again. I hope that should enable you to get in the pool and that will be such a boost to your spirits. You will have set yourself a task but we are with you in support and hope you will keep us posted with your progress.

    Best wishes


    If it would be helpful to talk to someone ring the Helpline 0800 5200 520

    Monday - Friday 9.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

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    Hiya, sounds like you are having a tough time.

    What if you use the water to do resistance work rather than swim. That way you can hold onto the side - which hopefully helps with balance - while exercising with water support? Your own aqua aerobics!

    You haven't mentioned whether you have any dietary restrictions so I hope the two suggestions below are helpful

    2 cookery books I've recently started using are

    the Mediterranean diet cookbook for 2 by Anne Danahy


    Nosh sugar free, gluten free by Joy May

    Some lovely recipes to choose from.

    You can do this x

  • jonr
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    Hi @Pollyllop1992,

    If you can get to a gym with a static bike that could be good non-impact cardio to try as is a cross-trainer which may sound daunting but because these have handles it is possible to stand up and keep one's balance. At my gym there are MS and fellow Arthritis sufferers and some of them can't walk unaided yet they get a new lease of life on these contraptions. Walking is great and as treadmills also have handles and the speed can be varied they could be a possible option too.

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