What was your experience following an ankle arthroscopy debridement procedure

Hi Everyone,

My name is Trudi, and I had a complex ankle arthroscopy debridement following developing post-traumatic arthritis. The surgeon recommended this treatment as I had anterior impingement, and my dorsiflexion range of motion could not reach neutral. The surgery removed the bony growth, and they also managed to fix a severely sprained ligament. Overall, the surgery was considered successful.

Six weeks post-surgery, after diligently following the physio exercises, I've found that I'm in more pain than I was before the procedure. For example, I used to be able to walk around 3 miles. I'd feel pain after walking. However, after walking 1.4 miles am currently in significant pain after getting home and resting briefly.

I'd love to hear from people who've had an ankle arthroscopic procedure to understand how long your rehabilitation took to see any marked improvements. Learning about other experiences would also be useful.

Ultimately, the surgeon has advised that I'll need an ankle fusion as a Total Ankle Replacement isn't a suitable option as I've got synovitis and had a FREE flap created as I originally suffered an open compound fracture. So I'd also like to know if people have had an ankle fusion to learn what the rehab was like and how you are now post the procedure. Are you happy you had the ankle fusion? And what is your quality of life like?

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    Hi @troodles

    Welcome to the online community,Its great to see you are asking questions and seeking advice on your ankle arthroscopic procedure

    Hope these links help in some way,Please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on and do go onto our forums and speak to others it often helps to chat to others who understand what you are going through.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi @troodles

    I have post traumatic osteoarthritis after I had an accident and broke both ankles. Same procedure was done on my ankles with internal fixation. It's been 5 years now and I am still struggling with my left ankle and am awaiting arthrodesis (fusion) as doc said I am too young (35) for total ankle replacement. The pain has never gone away but I must say I got to get used to living with it. Went for custom orthotic shoes which help a lot with balancing out the legs. From what I was told ankle fusion will lower the pain and it won't get rid of it 100%. If the amount of pain you are in is nolonger bearable then ankle fusion could help reduce your pain. Hope I managed to answer some of your questions

    Regards Macdonald