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I’ve been diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in hands, hips, knees and spine. I can deal with all of it except my hands, especially the cmc joints in my thumbs. The pain is so extreme during the night it’s affecting my sleep. I’ve decided to buy thumb braces, has anybody discovered effective ones. Today I bought FlexiSeq in the hope it would help, has anybody had success with this?


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    Hi Meza I understand how you feel. My thumb joints are so painful now, after several years of different treatment through the progression of my osteoarthritis. I am now at the 'waiting for surgery' stage, without a date in sight due to the horrendous backlog for operations. I work in the operating theatres as a scrub and anaesthetic assistant and find I am increasingly less able to do my daily tasks. It's immensely frustrating and upsetting for me. I cannot wear braces or splints due to the nature of my work but I am thinking of using them in my free time and at night because, like you, the pain is ever there, even at rest. I can't say I know about Flexi Seq but I will certainly look them up. I have the regular wrist and thumb braces given to me by the physiotherapist.

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    Hi, my experience of FlexiQ. I use it on my thumbs when I am minding my own business and the pain comes out of nowhere. Hasn’t worked so well on the larger knee and hip joints. The disadvantage is having to wait for it to dry. Worth a try.

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    Hello Meza

    I am glad you have found this online community, and you already have posts from others who understand what you are going through, which is great!

    Below are some links to information you may find helpful:

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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