Giant Cell Arteritis

Is there anyone else who is suffering with this condition? I’ve was diagnosed about 3 months ago and being treated with steroids. Im struggling still with symptoms coming and going plus the steroids are making me so bloated and exhausted. I’m really worried as this appears to be a nasty condition. Anyone out there who is managing it or has recovered from it?


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    Hello @Libby20

    I hope you get some more feedback from people who have experience of Giant Cell Arteritis, but in the meantime I am putting in a link to some information on our website -

    I hope you will continue to post and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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    My sister (in her 80s) has recently recovered. It took about two years and, yes, she was on high dose steroids (I think it's the only treatment). She never got bloated but did have a sore throat for ages. I think it was her tonsils. She tried yogurt and various things but it persisted until the steroid dose was very low. Despite her age she's always been very active, in a 'walking/gardening/cleaning way, and i think it helped that she just kept going. She's fine now. Good luck!

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