March Challenge


Hi everyone, hope you're as well as can be expected at an awkward time of the year! I had hoped to sign up to the Knitting Challenge to raise some funds for Versus Arthritis, but have had to shelve my plan for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my own chronic pain has been particularly bad this last couple of weeks. Second, finding sponsors has been next to impossible. I was invited to set up a Birthday Fundraiser in February on a certain internet channel, and I chose my favourite orchestra as the beneficiary. I had hoped to raise £150 or so for the RSNO. In the end I only pulled in £20 - imagine my disappointment! I have decided to make my own donation to Versus Arthritis (amount to be decided).


  • Louisa77
    Louisa77 Administrator Posts: 252

    Hi @JennyBea

    Sorry you have had to shelve your plans to take part in the Knitting Challenge this year. Pain can be so unpredictable and gets in the way. Don't let the fundraising put you off, you could take part for your own reasons and donate what you knit to local charities.

    Hope your pain starts to ease and you decide to give it a go 😊

    Best wishes


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