Cortisone injection

I've just been to see my GP to ask if I could have the cortisone injection prior to having the hip replacement later this year. I thought it would be a good idea to have a reduced pain for a few months so that I can get house and garden ready for the period of inactivity following the operation. He said that the injections were only for "testing", which I am a bit baffled about. Can anyone shed any light on this? What does he mean? I didn't get to ask as he was getting impatient and I didn't feel comfortable.

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  • stickywicket
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    To be frank, I'm not sure what he means but, i n any case, steroid injections shortly before the surgery tend to result in a higher risk of post-op infection so I guess you're better off without them. Enlist help (family and friends) for house and garden though I think all I did around the house was leave myself clear passages for walking / getting in and out of bed / and moving essential kitchen t hings to an accessible height.

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    The injection ingredients are crystals in a solution, they stick in the small blood vessels until they are dissolved by the passing blood, it can take two to three days for this to happen and does cause discomfort. I have had a few injections and they have no affect on me except discomfort.

    They can cause the tissues to be weaker and they can also work and assist the healing. If you are going to have a new hip then there isn’t much use trying to heal the joint, you are beyond that point.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you both for your comments. My surgeon has now told me that the injection wouldn't work for me anyway, because the hip is too far gone! I'm now looking at September for a date. I guess I will just have to do what I can.

    Oh to be young and active again!!🤣

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    Your surgeon is right that there's no point injecting steroids if there's nothing to inject into because the hip is so far gone. I was bone on bone but was given a steroid injection in the hope that it would make me more comfortable and defer surgery a bit longer, but it was pointless for the reason described. It gave me absolutely no benefit at all, and just meant it delayed me going on the waiting list for my new hip by about 4 months. I was rather cross about this, as the surgeon should have realised that, and other surgeons at the same hospital didn't bother with the injections in these cases. However, I guess he felt he was ticking the box for "trying all non-surgical treatments before the last resort of joint replacement".