Poet and you know it :D

Hello all, a year ago approximately before my facebook account got hacked i had started my own poetry site called manifestations for muses where i was trying to offer to write poetry for other people who struggle, I have been called an urban poet before as can normally make things up on the spot, I have a large vocabulary and a wealth of life's lessons learned both good and dark which is where i source my material from and never read or even look at other peoples scribing's.

" Intro "

So while i have this nice new space,

I hope i can put a smile on your face,

and maybe alleviate a moment of pain,

or bring some sunshine while its pouring of rain,

I will keep it simple and light and easy to digest,

until i get up to speed and then show you my best,

yet if you want a poem written on a topic just for you,

leave me some ideas and i will see what i can do,


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    We used to have a poetry thread on Chit Chat. It might still be around if you look in the search engine. We also had some fun pastiche Carols for Arthritics and Songs for Arthritics but I can't remember the titles of the threads. Have fun😉

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