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Hi all I’m recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis with effusions in both knees, fibromyalgia/long covid overlap symptoms and an (apparently bad luck) frozen shoulder. I’ve been given exercises to strengthen hamstrings and quads, is there anything I can do to reduce swelling other than ice packs every few hours. TIA and hope you are all doing ok 👍🏻


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    Welcome to the forum @Butter3cup .

    You have a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia/long covid overlap symptoms and to cap it all a frozen shoulder.

    Your treatment is exercise for the hamstring and quads. You look for tips as to how best to reduce swelling.

    Here is general information on the knee:

    and here some tips on managing your pain:

    I hope you find useful tips in the forum. Please keep posting and let us know how you get on.



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    Hi Butter3cup,

    There are several ways swelling can be reduced, firstly via GP prescribed anti-inflammatories. Second, there are a lot of supplements on the market to take orally, such as Bromelain (derived from Pineapple), Krill oil (and other associated oil products rich in Omega 3) and thirdly via foodstuffs such as dark green vegetables such as Spinach, Kale and Broccoli, Nuts - particularly Walnuts and oily fish such as Salmon and Mackerel.

    It's a bit of trial and error but reducing inflammation and heat is only 1 side of the coin - the other is pain relief and there are also various things that can be tried as well such as a TENS machine, CBD capsules or spray (both available from high street pharmacies or online), and of course Acupuncture.

    Finally, I wear knee supports which help with stability and the compression is also good for the swelling. I find these vital for cycling and walking for example. There are many to choose from, it's probably a matter of buying a few to see how you get on.

    Good luck, be good to hear how you get on.


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    Thank you for comments and I will look into your advice, I have a medication review with gp in 2 weeks and I’m really hoping these do the trick alongside exercises to help with pain.

    i will let you know how I get on cheers