One of my goals is i want to walk 1000 miles while i feel i am able to


Hi i am Mark ,

I have joined this community with the hopes of being able to help to create a bit more awareness and possibly help raise some funds for the cause, I have osteoarthritis in my neck, shoulders and lower back, I have a unique set of skills, learned from my past ( no i am not him ) that i may not be able to get chance to do any more, due to the osteoarthritis condition and what that will eventually entail, I have my Duke of Edinburgh's bronze award and have had the fortunate experiences, of walking some of the u,ks country sides, hills and mountains.

I have done fundraising for different groups over the years like sleeping rough so others didn't have to, run by the Y,m,c,a and have done a couple of sponsored cycle rides for Children in Need.One of my goals is I want to walk 1000 miles, i would also like to be able to share my walk with others. Which will have to involve social media platforms to help the awareness to be pushed further yet my skills don't transfer that well.

Within a 10 minute walk in any direction from where i live i can be immersed and surrounded by nature, but that alone would not get me to the 1000 miles, which is only the preliminary target and goal i have set for myself which is achievable by visiting different places on foot around the u,k and i have got some great destinations in mind.

Any help you are able to offer with links or advice is greatly welcomed :)


  • Louisa77
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    Hi @gambit73

    Welcome to the community.

    It sounds like you have done some incredible challenges for a number of different charities.

    The community can't help with supporting you with your fundraising or awareness unfortunately as this platform is for people with arthritis just to chat and support each other. Although I'm sure some of our members would be super supportive of your efforts. I would suggest you email the charity at and your email will be passed to our fundraising team who will get back to you.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your 1,000 miles challenge.

    Best wishes


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  • helpline_team

    Hi @gambit73

    Thank you for posting on our on-line community.

    Can we say it is incredible the number of charities that you have done fundraising for and still continuing to do so, and making more people aware of the condition, which is so important, thank you so much.

    I can concur with what Louisa77 has said if you email the above email address, they should be able to help you

    Good luck with all that you do.

    Best wishes


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