Trigger Thumb Splints

Hi, I'm new here. wondering if anybody has tried the oval 8 thumb (and finger) splints.

I am currently having an flare, swollen middle finger, not much of a problem just will not bend.

However my swollen thumb keeps clicking over and I am haveing to manualy push it back. I'm concerned that I will be doing addition damage to my ( IP I think) thumb joint. Tryed to get a discussion with my GP this week, to see if I could be referred to a physio, for some advice about what not to do and what to do to protect my joint. No appt of course for until the 28th , damage will be done by then!

Hence, as you do, I googled and came across the above.

Does anybody have any experience of using one and if so how effective.

Many thanks, Nfk gal


  • Lane
    Lane Member Posts: 115

    Hi @Nfk_gal0617 glad to see you posting.

    While you waiting for the members to reply to your question has tried the oval 8 thumb (and finger) splints, I have attached a link from our website about hand splints. I hope you find it useful:

    Best wishes.

  • Nfk_gal0617
    Nfk_gal0617 Member Posts: 39

    Thanks for this link Lane, I have used wrist and thumb splints in the past. However this time, at the moment my wrists are o k thank goodness, just need protection for the IP joint of my thumb. I've purchased two different sizes from an well known on line company. Hopefully here by the end of the week. If it works for me I'll post so others with dactylitis can veiw. Nfk gal