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I developed OA in my right knee and had an injection last August which made no difference at all. My left knee went from a bit achy to giving out and being braced at the same time so I ended up on crutches permanently. I went back to work after 6 weeks off and although it was painful and tiring was coping OK until the last few weeks when my left wrist started to hurt and has now become so painful I'm struggling with the crutches and my family and friends have told me to give up going to work as I'm making myself worse.

I was referred to the surgeon in September and have been told it will be another 5-6 months before I get an appointment with the surgeon.

Im 54 years old

My issues are

I'm on blood pressure meds and the doctor has told me I can only take paracetamol for the pain which is like sprinkling fairy dust over my joints. Any advice on pain relief would be appreciated. I currently use wheat bags and voltarol cream.

I was advised to apply for PIP and have no idea where to start with the forms. I'm particularly confused by the question about planning journeys.

Apart from the obvious upset of having the OA and the waiting etc I have no mental health issues with going out.

I really am struggling with all this as it has been a complete turn around in my life in a relatively short time.

Any advice would be much appreciated


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    Hi @Badknees68 welcome to our online community where you will meet members to share tips and advice.

    I understand that you have OA to your right knee and felt the injection given last year did not help. Your left knee was in pain and required being braced, so you now use crutches.  It has been difficult to maintain working, as your left wrist is also in pain. You are thinking of giving up work.  You are waiting for a second appointment with the surgeon in a few months’ time. You are limited in taking medications, using wheat bags and creams and seeking some advice.  In relation to apply for PIP you are confused about the question how to plan a journey.  Your mental health is good.    

    It sounds like you are dealing with a lot and having to adjust so quickly too.  Whilst you wait to connect with our members, I have attached a couple of links from our website for you to have a look at, one about surgery and the other mindfulness:

    I am so glad that you fond us.

    Best wishes.

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    Hi Badknees58,

    You'll find you're in good company here and I hope you get the help you're looking for.

    You asked about pain relief and yes, Paracetemol isn't gonna touch the sides. Have you heard of TENS machines? These are battery poweted devices that deliver electric shock therapy which bypass the pain receptors in the brain and the shocks are delivered via wired or wireless fabric pads. I've been using one for a few weeks now and think it's very effective. Next, there's CBD, derived from Hemp available as a spray or in tablets. Both are available from good high street pharmacies like Lloyds. There's a natural anti-inflammatory called Bromelain which is extracted from Pineapple, I get these in capsule form, it's quite powerful.In terms of creams and gels, Voterol's the obvious one, plus Flexiseq which helps with lubrication and Capsaicin cream, derived from Chillies - all work well.

    As for stiffness, I use a deep tissue massage gun, loads available from Amazon to suit all budgets. Very good for soothing sore.and stiff tendons and so on. Finally, there's always Acupuncture. This can be a bit hit and miss but it's gotta be worth a shot, right? It's claimed to provide lasting pain relief, seems to be working for me.

    Anyway, there's a few things to be getting on with - good luck and let us know how you get on.


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    Hi Badknees,

    For help filling out the PIP forms I'd go to your local Citizens Advice Bureau; they got me through them.

    Without knowing your circumstances I'd say be careful about doing too much on the crutches, the arms weren't meant to take that sort of load.

    There are lots of lighter weight alternatives to the standard NHS Elbow crutches, but as a first step in particular the ferrule (rubber tip) you can get cushioned tips with springs inside which might make things easier on your wrists - find them on Am**on