Hello I was just wondering if anyone has had to resign due to rehumatoid arthritis. I have been on the sick since December due to stress in the workplace which is causing me alot of flare ups. My mental health is not to good. I go and see a therapist. I have tried talking to work but the pressure of work I feel I can't go back. My health is more important. Im at a loss at what to do. Thank you.


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    Hi @Glynis_Brown1966

    I think it depends on the company you work for but you may be able to retire on health grounds even though you may not be anywhere near retiral age. The large company I worked for had a final salary pension scheme and one of my staff had to retire early on health grounds. As it was a large company the retirement on health grounds meant that their pension was paid immediately and calculated such that the number of years between retiral and planned retirement age was taken into account and a percentage added to their pension. If you have an HR department it might be a good idea to talk to them.

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    Hi @Glynis_Brown1966

    I've had an identical experience but in my case it was the travel to and from the office which caused me issues, because of my mobility. My company would not agree to allow me to work from home permanently so I sought alternative employment. Once I had the new job sorted, rather than hand my notice in I got a formal meeting with my boss and HR, didn't tell them I had another job but asked they review my employment contract on health grounds, sort of a "last chance" really. Again, they said the were not prepared to do this as it would set a precedent so we agreed a voluntary redundancy package instead.

    In your position I would look to do the same, whether you have another job to go to or not because if you leave with a VR package, some of it will be tax free and it may well be worth more than what you'd normally get if you were to hand in your notice as normal.

    Of course, if you have the sort of job you can do at home and your company will allow it then that would be a good outcome I imagine as you'd be out of the toxic environment.

    Hope that's helpful,


  • I've not had to resign, but i did have to close my business due to RA, I ran a small one man band business offering courses in green wood carving & what is now called "bushcraft", think Ray Mears off the telly and you have it.

    I had to close it down as the RA in knees, hips, shoulders, etc etc makes it impossible to do what i did, i can't even get out into my workshop at the moment and make things to sell as my mobility is so impaired, but i do still whittle and carve indoors, trying not to get anything on the carpet lol, i find the simple exercise of whittling simple wooden items helps not only my arthritic hands, one of which is deformed, but also helps my mental state.

    I know how tough it can be mentally, but it does get better in time.