Thumb spint has arrived

Having had no sucess in getting an appt with a physio to advise me on the dos and dont to protect my inflamed finger and thumb joints from future damage, by manually having to move them back when locked out of place. I found a You Tube video of a certified hand therapist relating to trigger thumb which pointed me to oval 8 support. I know you should not take notice of a lot you find on the internet but in the absence of a timely G P appt to then refer to a physio and no doubt another wait, I was desperate to limit damage to my joints.

I have now received my figure of 8 support. Its is very light, easy to wear and protects my thumb I P joint from going out of joint. I'll try and post a photo if I manage to figure out how to do it with fingers not working very well. bye for now, Nfk gal