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i have just been diagnosed with PMR age 63, totally came out of the blue and couldn’t believe how painful it was. I have been prescribed 15mg of Prednisolone daily. I have been only on this for 3 days so am probably expecting miracle results a little to soon. Pain is still quite bad in morning’s but definitely decreases after an hour or so of taking dosage. Would 15mg be a trial by doctor to get levels right ? What should I expect over next month or so?

I have normally been quite active with golf 3 times a week, would I still be able to exercise with PMR. At present it makes you feel very down and no enthusiasm about future.

Any guidance appreciated. Thanks


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    Good morning, @Sartosa and a warm welcome to the forum. I see that at age 63 you have been given a diagnosis of PMR, treated with daily 15mg of prednisolone. You ask what the future may hold for you and your three times a week golf games.

    Here is a link to information on the condition:

    You will note the reference to suggestions that Rheumatoid Arthritis are contra indication to PMR. This was certainly my experience. Treatment with steroids was quickly followed by a visit to a Rheumatologist which confirmed the condition.

    We whish you all the best and do let us know how you get on.



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    Welcome Sartosa - you've definitely come to the right place, plenty of forum members who will empathise.

    After my diagnosis of OA in both knees last year at age 55 I felt my world would collapse - would I end up in a wheelchair, how will my life change? Like you, I was very active and enjoyed a lot of different sports, a couple of which being high impact had brought my condition on and the thought of not being able to keep these up was really depressing. I kept on going until the constant injuries and pain became unbearable so I had to cut back and find other ways to keep fit and active which didn't involve making things worse and/or hurt too much.

    I don't know where you have PMR but my guess being a Golfer is your neck and shoulders and there may be ways of managing your condition which will allow you to keep at it.

    I've experimented with a lot of different things to manage my pain and these are what I can recommend as working for me:

    CBD capsules - a substance derived from Hemp, also available in spray form - I take 1 tablet twice daily. I buy mine online but they can be bought at good high street pharmacies

    Co-Codemol. I take 2 of these about an hour before I do any sport, also available from Pharmacies

    Votorol 12 hour cream

    Capsicum Cream (needs to be prescribed by your GP though I've seen it sold on eBay)

    A TENS machine. This is basically electric shock therapy. These are also sold in Pharmacies, I use it for 45 minutes once a day, lots of models to choose from, some wired, some wireless.

    Lastly, and I think this will really help, is a deep tissue massaging gun, really helps to soothe tissues, tendons and so on, lots to buy from Amazon to suit any budget

    Hope one or more of these help but it is a case of trial and error.

    All the best,


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    Thanks for reply.

    Have you been prescribed Prednisone. Being only just diagnosed this is the only drug prescribed to me. Pain was in thighs, glutes, upper arms and strangely pad of left hand. Guess being so early I have to see if 15mg is enough to help.