A distraction I hadn't considered

A little over a week ago I got a call from my animal-loving daughter: Hey, I found a dog, now what? Shelters are full & using wait lists or flat out refusing to help. Daughter has a one-bedroom apartment & two cats who hate dogs. Mom to the rescue, of course, initially thinking I could maybe possibly keep this dog separated from my own pooch (10 years old and set in her ways) and my 3 cats (at least they are more used to dogs). After a week of stressing over the logistics & crying into my pillow I said enough is enough, we all need to adjust and get on with it. There have been a lot of stumbling blocks--this dog is bigger & more energetic than I would have chosen, my old girl certainly has not welcomed her with open arms (well, paws), and I now do twice the number of dog walks every day. BUT I realized that I have not been as focused on my painful hip or back I just take some Tylenol & get on with things. I'm not suggesting that everyone put themselves in my place (still crying into my pillow most nights) but it has made me really aware of the value of distraction.


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    @TLee you have stumbled on a very useful but little known fact. Keep active and engaged and pain and its cause seem further away.


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    Hi @TLee

    Well done you - giving the dog a home is a lovely thing to do and I'm sure you'll be repaid many times over by it's love and companionship.

    I think every medic and physio I've seen in the last two and a half years has stressed the need for me to keep my joints moving and dog walking for me is an ideal way to do this. When my last dog died suddenly last August my wife and I planned to leave it 6 months to decide whether to get another - we didn't last 6 weeks. I was less motivated to go out and walk without a companion and certainly not in bad weather. We found a little runt of the litter that hadn't sold and bought him. He's now eight months old and we're just back from a very wet walk - me in full waterproofs as it's chucking it down here. I would never have walked today if he wasn't here.

    I would - and do - recommend dog walking to anyone who can do it. Not just for your joints but also for your mental and other physical health.