Cold Extremities

Just wondering if anyone else suffers from cold fingers, toes, nose?

Im sat here wearing a scarf, gloves and have a blanket over my knees, i've even turned the heating up and i'm still cold, feel ok for the rest, well apart from the usual aches and pains in my joints.


  • jamieA
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    Hi @MarkInSussex

    Since being diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis I've felt much colder than ever before - whereas previously I used to be someone that overheated easily. I've suffered from particularly cold hands and feet and at one point it was suggested I had Raynaud's disease which is seemingly not uncommon with immune mediated inflammatory disease (IMID) sufferers. I also suffered from a heart issue 9 months after the IMID diagnosis and was put on blood thinners. My hands and feet became almost glacial and it turns out that's a side effect of the blood thinner I'm on. I now wear thermal vests, thermal socks and use compression gloves to keep a bit warmer - even in summer!

  • Glad it's not just me JamieA, like you i've always run hot, but just recently, my hands & feet have been so cold to the point of being downright painful, must admit i love my compression gloves, might ask the OT next week if i can have another pair

  • Trish9556
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    Hi @MarkInSussex

    Do you have thermal socks? I've found the best sort are those hikers buy. Not cheap but worth it.

    I also put hot hands or similar inside my gloves. They're brilliant, last about 12 hours. You can get a pack of two from chemists etc and if you get on with them I buy them in bulk off that well known selling site. A box will usually be at least half the price of buying locally and will last you ages. I believe you can also get them to go inside socks, shoes etc but not tried them.

    The sachets work quickly and get quite hot so one pair will last two days if you swap hands over.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx

  • Hi Trish, yup got my thermal socks out of retirement as i used to be an avid hiker and camper before RA hit, loving wearing my SealSkinz again, but still getting cold feet, hoping that as the weather warms up i'll start to feel a tad warmer.

  • Goldfinch
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    Just came on this forum looking to see if anyone else was experiencing cold hands, nose, feet, and wearing winter coat and gloves even as it’s warming up! I check the weather forecast about 5 times a day, flicking forward to look for hotter weather… Roll on summer!

  • N1gel
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    Yep, I've noticed this since mid Feb.

    Woke up with a burning sensation in the soles of my feet. Now wake up a couple of times a night with feet (esp heels?) like ice, in spite of thermal socks.

    The best thing I've found is to vigorously rub your feet all over and yank your toes up and down. Seeing the doc later.(I find it helps to keep the ankles and calves warm too by tucking pj bottoms into socks).


  • Well for a change im nice and warm, sitting here by a westward facing window with the sun on my back, window is open and i can hear the birds singing, the occasional Pheasant in the field out back and the sheep in the turnip field, nice cup of tea and some music on the go and reading a good book, and just to think the day started off so painfully, now its like its a different day, magic the difference a little bit of sunshine makes to the body & soul.

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    I've just bought a pair of sheepskin slipper/boots about £45 Sheepland; absolute bliss they can button up over your ankle and are washable. Seem to work better without socks tho? Best to get the new design with removable insoles because it's pretty packed in there!