PMR Prednisolone dosage

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Being only just diagnosed with PMR , I have been prescribed 15mg daily at present.

Question is how should this improve my symptoms. I have only been taking for 4 days at present. I take at around 8am daily. It has improved stiffness already. But am still waking in a lot of pain. And takes around 2 hours daily to have an effect.

Should I be almost pain free in mornings or is it something I have to get used to.

Would the 15mg I have been prescribed at present be a trial to see if this dosage is enough to reduce pain?

Very new to this so any guidance appreciated.


  • Nfk_gal0617
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    Hi Sartosa, Just to say hello.

    A friend's hubby has PMR and steroids worked for him, but then the G.P. wanted him to be weaned off! I'm not sure of the time scale, maybe somebody with more experience and expertize will pop up soon. In the meantime he had a major health problem and his G P has allowed a low maintenace dose of steriod which keeps him comfortable and not in such a bad place as the start.

    Assume you have been able to get to see a Rheumatologist to get diagnosed. If no improvement maybe a tel call to Nurse support or your GP..

    Hope you improve soon, take care, Nfk gal

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    Hi @Sartosa

    I was put onto 15mgs of prednisolone just after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and then pneumonia in 2020. It was prescribed on a falling scale reducing by 2.5mgs every 7 days. It didn't resolve the pneumonia nor the PsA pain so I was put onto 20mgs - again on the same reducing scale. That carried on for 4 months in a saw tooth like pattern of rising and slowly falling. About 3 months in - with the pneumonia gone - I was also given Kenalog steroid injections into specific joints and when the prednisolone courses eventually ended I started Kenalog injections into my rear end every 4-6 weeks. The injections did work mostly.

    Hope you get some relief soon.