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I have just joined and have arthritis in my left wrist and right elbow and some neck stiffness

Struggling to get any help from NHS apart from pain relief. GP seems very dismissive and just calls it wear and tear ,when I am in pain every day and daily tasks are becoming increasingly difficult

have just got an appointment with a physio after three years (covid!) and saw a trauma and arthritis consultant who told me it was stage 4 in my wrist and splints and paracetamol were the answer

is that it or is there more to living with this?


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    Hi @Beachcomber

    Welcome to the inline community,good to see you posting.

    You write that you have arthritis in your left wrist,Right elbow,and neck stiffness and you have been struggling with the getting help from the NHS apart from pain relief.GP very dismissive and calling it wear and tear,you are in pain every day and daily tasks have become increasingly difficult.

    You have however after 3 years got a physio appointment, and you saw a trauma consultant who said it was stage 4 arthritis and wrist splints and paracetamol were the answer.

    I am surprised with the amount of pain you are getting you are not on better painkillers to help you overcome some of your pain so you can have a life so to speak.

    Have you been referred to a pain clinic? you dont say.

    Here are a few links that may help.

    do hope these links work for you,please keep in touch and tell us how you get on,do go onto our forum and chat to others they all know how you feel as everyone has some form of arthritis.

    All the best Christine

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