Let Down by a,Load of People

Carers Agency let me down. I'm.in loads of pain, and I'm really hungry.

My neighbour opposite, who will demand hours of your time when she's got a problem, can't be bothered. I feel as though I have a mountain to climb when I thought it was all organised.

If anyone is around, please contact me.

Sheelee xx


  • frogmorton
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    Oh no!!!!!!!!!! @Sheelee

    This is terrible after all your plans and preparations.

    Where do you live I feel like putting call out because I know every single person here would be round at your door, but I know that's not safe you don't know us.

    What do we do?

    First of all you could ring the ward and ask them what to do that's one idea.

    Do you have the number of the carer's agency too to contact them?

    What else would I do? Hmmmm....probably ring the GP's surgery or 111

    You must do something this is just so unfair



    Sending huge hugs

    Toni x

  • Sheelee
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    Thank you for your kind thoughts and intentions Toni.

    I did phone the carers organisation last night. He just said to ring today. Well initially he said Monday. I just burst into tears and said I couldn't manage until Monday.

    I feel I just need someone to fight my corner for me. I am so tired and upset.

    Also there is a member of staff on who used to work for the same carers organisation. I can ask Nat the best Time to ring.

    I think, Toni, I never anticipated how much support I would need. I did do a lot of preparation, but it was on the basis that I could still do it.

    I'm going to try crawling back to bed to rest a bit longer. I feel a little better having had the sandwich.

    Sheelee xx

  • frogmorton
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    Take care @Sheelee

    We are all here and care very much.

    I'm glad you've eaten and hopefully taken your pain relief. Sleep well see you later.

    Toni x

  • Feel for you Sheelee and know where you are coming from, i often feel that nobody understands what this disease does to you, the constant fight each and every day and the feeling that when anyone else wants help you have to do it immediately, but when you want help, you have to wait.

    I spend anything up to 22 hours a day on my own most days and get so frustrated with the little things i simply cannot do, but before this disease they used to feel so mundane, when i was discharged from hospital in October last year i felt so helpless, it was like walking into an alien world, in the end i called my GP and laid it on the line, they arranged for me to talk to some people and just that helped, unfortunately i didnt and dont qualify for home help unless i pay for it which i simply cannot afford, so i muddle on as best i can.

    It does get better with time, but i and i think most people on here know exactly how you feel at the moment, as most if not all of us have been through it, you are not alone.

  • duffer
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    My family put me in a care home whilst awaiting a hip replacement. This is nearly a year ago at a cost of £5k a month meaning I had to sell my lovely home etc. The care home is clean and looks good. Food ok and laundry catered for as well as some 'community' activities. Sadly the majority of residents have dementia so I spend many hours on my own. Leaving the home means going by taxi at my expense when a member of staff can be freed. Medication is strictly monitored (3 ibuprofen a day) and I have never seen a doctor but a physiotherapist once. My hip OA has spread to knees, both ankles, both shoulders and so on. Out of sheer determination I walk around 1200 paces a day with a rollator but it hurts. The staff never have the time to chat so I am on my own around 20hrs a day and am now really depressed and tearful. I cannot spend the rest of my life like this - I have worked hard all my life it seems for nothing - i am now 80. Duffer.

  • Sheelee
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    You are no duffer. I often say that boredom is the most depressing of all states of mind. It lacks interest and stimulation.

    I used to work in social care. No one wants a smelly home or rubbish food, but from my experience, it was the quality of the relationships that people formed that made it a happy or "functional " home.

    You have my sympathy.

    Sheelee xx

  • Sheelee
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    Hi Markinsussex,

    I'm going to have to pay to a degree, but I'm determined I am going to get back on my feet, and slowly taking over tasks from the home helps myself. Obviously, financially, the sooner the better, but I just don't feel I can do this alone.

    Sheelee xx

  • Fran54
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    Hi @Sheelee

    sorry to hear that you have been let down by the carers. I don't know about your situation at home and how organised you were before your op. regarding meals but I have seen adverts for certain meal companies who deliver frozen/chilled meals. They deliver to your door and some can be stored in fridge or freezer and just need to be microwaved. Not sure if this helps but anything is better than no help at all.

    Take care and I hope that you will soon start to feel better.


  • Hi @Sheelee

    We are so sorry to hear that you have been let down by the Carers Agency and feel that you are all alone.

    Thank you, Frances, for suggesting companies who deliver ready meals, there are several available and like Frances has said you just pop them in the microwave. If at all you are not eating due to the cost-of-living crisis then there are organisations called The Trussell Trust (find a food bank) who may be able to help as well, I have attached the link below.

    Being in a situation and feeling that you are not being listened to can be very challenging but there is organisations that can help with this called, The Advocacy People which is an organisation that provide free and a conditional service for when people feel that they are not being listened to and they explore the options and help you decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. They can give you as much or as little support as you want to put your views across.

    Other help would be you could speak to your local council about an assessment with an Occupational therapist through adult social care.

    We hope that things will start to get better very soon for you.


    Best wishes.


    Helpline Advisor

  • Sheelee
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    Dear Helpline,

    The local authority are visiting tomorrow. They have a reablement team, and may offer me support until I am able to take on doing tasks myself. I'll have to wait and see if they take me on.

    I'm feeling at least supported even if it is a bit haphazard. I keep feeling very tired, so looking forward to going to bed in the next couple of hours.

    Sheelee xx