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it's good to know there are people out there. a rheumy has said I've definitely got something going on, but I'm not ticking boxes for a specific dignos. i have just started leflunomide which I'm hoping i get along with, but at the moment is giving me the sleeps.

I'm gonna ask about that. with pain, I've been 'taught', or whatever, I've learned not to react to pain, and basically not trust what i think my body tells me. i started leflunomide, and only after a week have i her these sleeps. it's irresistible o sleep. and it's molasses when I'm awake. fatigue and lethargy were things that bright me to the rheumy. heh, do i now go complain I'm more?

I'm willing to describe my paths, but I'll take a bit if time. it's all a bit contorted.