Osteoarthritis of the knee

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Hello everyone

i have been recently diagnosed with the onset of osteoarthritis in my right knee.

i have been using deep heat, a cohesive bandage and a knee brace, however, none of this takes the pain away completely

I have been taking Zapain which is very good, but my doctor doesn’t want to prescribe me anymore as they can be addictive. She has suggested taking over the counter co-codamol which is like popping smarties.

can anyone advise me on any other methods. I can’t take anything with ibuprofen in.



  • jonr
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    Hi Lozmerelda,

    I have OA in both knees and have found pain management to be a bit of trial and error, some things work, others make it worse.

    So there are 2 elements - anti inflammatories and pain killers. There are a host of natural anti-inflammatories out there, Turmeric, Krill oil, Black Walnut Husks and you might like to try them all. I take Bromelain capsules which is a substance derived from the humble pineapple. Holland and Barrett sell all these and can advise. For pain I take CBD capsules which is derived from Cannabis, perfectly legal and sold in pharmacies. I use a TENS machine which is electric shock therapy and apply Hemp cream, Voltarol and FlexiSeq directly to my knees. If you find your knee is stiff and/or tendons are sore you could invest in a deep tissue massaging gun, lots on Amazon to choose from, I use mine daily and it really helps.

    Good luck, hope you get the help you need


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    Hi Lozmerelda,

    I too have OA in my knees but unfortunately it's now at the point of needing full replacements which isn't an option for me.

    The most effective pain relief I have are the steroid injections which work like magic but unfortunately only last 8-10 weeks. I can only have them every 4 months so I'm left with at least 6 weeks of sheer agony. I totally agree with Jon that pain relief is trial and error. I do get some relief in the stiffness from this oil, I think if my knees weren't so bad that I would get even more benefit from it. I can't use or take ibuleve or anything of that ilk either. https://www.purextracts.co.uk/collections/turmeric-massage-oils

    Co-codamol is a no for me as well, my physio said paracetamol is a good all round painkiller... seriously?? Sometimes I wish they could feel what we feel just for a few minutes!

    Good luck with it all,