Spinal Arthritis and pain management advice/tips



Hope you’re all doing ok?

A few years ago I had an MRI and was told my vertebrae T5/T6were degenerating and that was it. I have enteropathic arthritis due to my Ulcerative Colitis.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago I ended up in A&E due to chest pain and was told it was my costochondritis. My GP sent me for an Xray which showed significant arthritic changes to my spine. I’m in constant agony with my spine/rib cage. He has prescribed me additional Pregablin so I am now on 250mg twice a day as well as dihydrocodeine when needed.

I’m trying to do gentle stretches etc and using heat therapy but I wondered if anyone had any other tips on how to ease the pain please? I’m going to ask my GP on Wednesday when I next speak to him to speak to Rheumatology and get them involved.

Any suggestions welcome :) Thank you