Had anyone experienced a dislocated thumb due to OA?

Just hoping there is someone who can tell me if they've had treatment for this. I've had the problem for two months and am waiting to see a hand surgeon. I'm using a splint but it's getting more and more painful. If anyone has seen a specialist for this, what was the outcome?


  • Nfk_gal0617
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    Hi Maggie, Just to say Hello.

    Ive suffered from a sort of dislocated thumb. The end joint nearest the nail bends and then gets stuck. I can force it back but pretty sure this will futher harm my joint. Being unable to get a GP appt with the view to getting a physio referral to advise on the correct treatment I google as you do today.

    I came across a product called oval 8. Ive only had them a few days but working a treat at stopping my thumb from locking out.

    My cause is not osteoarthris but a spondylitis, not in my back thank goodness, ( well not yet) but my peripheral joints. My tendons are inflammed and will not pull the joint back into the correct position. I have swelling at the base of the thumb joint ( this does not lock at the moment) which is on the top of my hand, near the wrist.

    I try and get a pic up in case it helps and is the same joint locking. Late now so maybe tomorrow.

    Take care, Nfk gal

  • MaggieO
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    Thanks for replying, I will have a look at the Oval 8. I was lucky in that I got a GP appointment on the day I first called and X-rays were done two days later. It's the referral bit which is taking ages.