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  • Joe123
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    Hi, I am new to this. I m 48 and just been diagnosed with Versus Arthritis. I have been in pain for a good year, i got an MRI in January and results today. My GP has been given me Co-codamol, Gabapentin and Naproxen 4 x 2 per day and its not touching it. I walk my dog around 5 miles a day, so i am very active.

    My pain is really bad. i am wondering if there's any advice out there that would help me

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    Hi @Joe123

    Welcome to the Online community.

    I assume you have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis? from your meds and info.

    I would suggest you discuss your pain treatment with your GP and explore alternatives. I have attached some info which might be interesting

    Osteoarthritis (OA) | Causes, symptoms, treatments (

    Exercising by walking your day is fantastic, I know it can't be easy with the pain but movement is really good for you.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    Welcome joe123,

    Pain management can become an obssession, it's laudable you're able and willing to walk every day and 5 miles is excellent!

    There's a myriad of different lotions and potions out there to try, some work better than others - it's really down to us as individuals to find out what suits us best.

    Broadly speaking they fall into anti-inflammatories and pain killers/treatment. You're already on Neproxen but could stack on some of the health supplements available, such as Turmeric, Black Walnut Husk, Krill/Cod Liver oil and gels/creams such as FlexiSeq. For managing my pain I use a TENS machine daily, take CBD capsules, use Hemp cream and Voltorol 12 hour gel. I have OA in both knees and get a lot of pain and soreness in my tendons and connecting tissues so I use a massaging deep tissue gun on those and see an Acupuncturist.

    Walking as much as you do will obviously help build strength, keep you fit and help with lubrication, even so you may find some do-at-home physio beneficial and supplement this with low impact sport such as cycling and swimming, both of which is good cardio and will release those feel-good Endorphins. There's good guidance on the website for exercises and stretches but if you have a Physio attached to your GP surgery they'll probably tailor a regime of personalised exercises for you. I do mione daily, about 15-20 minutes - hurt like hell for the first few months so I had to build up so it's a gradual process, not an overnight thing.

    Hope some of these help