knee braces for osteoarthritis


I saw the NHS physio at the hospital for the third time for my knee. I am struggling to walk. She did give me a crutch because she said I need to put bad leg down when walking more. I asked whether I should buy a knee brace for support but she said they were for people who had an injury not osteoarthritis. Does anyone else use a knee brace and does it help.


  • jonr
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    Hi Angela2,

    Thing is, everyone has an opinion on what to do and what not to do including Professionals.

    I have OA in both knees, diagnosed about a year ago. This was brought on by too much high impact sport. Despite the GP and Physio saying I should give up my running and Badminton I was determined to continue and the answer was to wear knee supports. I have a range, some are just elasticated for walking, others have velcro straps, a cut-out for the knees and are hinged at the sides to take less pressure off the joints. Wearing these was the only way I could carry on until my condition deteriorated and I reluctantly gave those sports up. Nevertheless, I'll still turn to them if I get a flare-up or find myself in pain after a particularly vigorous Spin class or ride out on my bike/long walk so I say go and buy one or a range and if they help, great but if not then don't bother - you're the one with Arthritis, not the Physio! Just remember not to wear them in bed.

    Good luck!


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    Thank you for information about the supports. People advise me to exercise and walk, but I suffer a lot after a short walk. Is this normal? As someone commented, no one understands the suffering those patients with osteoarthritis or any other similar symptom endure.

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    Hi Hemanth,

    It's a good question you ask, there's no yes or no answer though as Arthritis affects people in so many different ways.

    One thing the experts all agree on though is that exercise is good, walking in particular because it helps with lubrication and with building the muscles. I am not surprised you suffer, I think we all do and it seems to be a lengthy process to start feeling any benefit so the next thing to investigate is pain management.

    If you can get on top of the pain then it should make exercising so much easier for you. If you don't mind me asking, what meds are you taking and do you top these up with any other remedies/gels, etc? There's a plethora of stuff out there, some off the shelf, some GP prescribed.



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    I can generally gauge when my knees are going to give me trouble and pre-emptively wear an eleasticated knee brace. Seems to work for me.


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    i often wear a knee brace and I do find it helps, go to country parks with our dog and find some have good paths and other have arthritis sufferers beware paths if I twist my knee it is “SORE” some of you will know exactly what I mean. The knee brace I was given to my son when he damaged his knee it is heavy and has metal brackets either side of knee so can’t twist.

    Help Has anybody tried knee patches I’m going to wedding lots of standing and as the dress is almost full length it would be hidden did try the knee brace but not a good look.

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    I have bought two Thuasne Action Reliever Orthopaedic knee supports. They have been passed suitable for prescription by NICE but not all health authorities follow that, including mine. I got VAT relief but they are still expensive. Worth every penny though. They have really helped me with walking less painfully.

    Action Reliever Osteoarthritis knee brace - Buy Direct below - or Available on Prescription from your GP - Thuasne (