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I have been more active than usual the past couple of weeks (see posts about new dog). I have been walked/dragged several times a day, often over uneven ground. The good news: I can do it, and even feel some improvement in my bad hip as far as the constant pain I was used to. The bad news: Even though the pain is mostly better, I now experience occasions of feeling the hip almost give out under me. Also, I notice a lot more creaking and cracking in the joint, sometimes with pain, sometimes just the creaks. I will mention it to my doctor, but I don't see him until June. I like to think that I am loosening everything up & gaining movement, but a small, still voice is telling me that I may be doing some damage. What do you think?


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    Thing is TLee, Arthritis is a vicious circle. Sit back, do nothing and the muscles deteriorate with the result being that it's harder to be mobile. Start moving around more, doing physio and the joints will protest plus it'll be painful but ultimately it's what is needed because your condition is likely to only go 1 way. The other benefit of movement is it helps with joint lubrication so less creakiness, etc.

    What's the answer? Turning to anti-inflammatories and painkillers is probably the answer to help with a mixture of prescribed drugs and supplements to help you through the pain barrier. I've found a gel called FlexiSeq which helps with joint lubrication a Godsend, it's expensive but it is proven treatment. On the website here is a ton of info about pain management and physio exercises - I've found it to be trial and error so experimentation is the name of the game. I have good days, bad days but in combining 15-20 minutes of home pysio and stretching exercises along with meds, I'm able to be active and can even handle some low impact sport.

    Best Wishes,


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    Hi @TLee

    Agree with what @Jon has said it's can be hard to get that happy medium... good for you for keeping active but maybe having rest days and exploring ways you can ease the joint after walking such as using hot/cold compress, NSAID's, gels.

    Hope it gets easier and you can carry on without further pain.

    Best wishes


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    Hi TLee,

    That feeling of the knees giving way is really disconcerting I think. You worry you are going to do the dreaded ie end up on the deck.

    The chiropractor I saw said the clicks were not necessarily the bones, but the ligaments and tendons, around the damaged joints, slipping out of position around the joints. He was more concerned about the creaks because he said the chances were that was caused by some bone on bone.

    I used to be a rambler and losing that option to do a good 6-8 mile hike really grieved me. But I reverted to non weight bearing exercise to control the pain by swimming.

    What I do know is changes in the angle of slopes, and other forms of rough terrain, were a pushing things a bit too far for me. And obvious having a dog to control is invariably going to be to a degree unpredictable.

    Would it be worth looking up health walk routes in your area, because by nature, they tend to be on gentler terrain, with surer footing? Just a thought. You could even join in. Many are pooch friendly and you can enjoy the company.


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    Hi @TLee

    I'd agree with others here that moderation is your best bet. I've just seen a rheumatology physio and he stressed the need for me to keep moving to strengthen the muscles around my damaged joints - particularly my left knee. I know that flat even ground is best for walking so I stick to pathways where possible. I appreciate your dog will need exercise but could you work out a system where she does the work? A ball and ball thrower is great for getting the dog to expend energy at little cost to your movement. If she doesn't come back what about a long training lead - even pinned into the ground?