Flare up

I have been stretching and exercising with Jay (stretching) and Leon (Let's Move) for the past few months. The difference in my flexibility is amazing.

However for the last two days, my knees mainly and othe joints have been so very painful and although still doing the exercise, I find that normal walking has been minimal.

Any ideas what I can take/do? I can't take Ibuprofen due to high potassisium


  • CarylW
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    Hello @jackyt50

    I hope you will get some suggestions on this from our online community. I am glad your flexibility has improved but I know how dispiriting it can be when you do all the right things and then get a lot of pain! Flare ups like this are common - I put mine down to the weather! You may find this information from our website helpful:

    Do keep posting if you find it helpful. We will always try and help.

    Best wishes


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  • Baloo
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    Sympathies jackyt50. My shoulders went into a flare up recently, probably from over use, and they don't want to settle down. However I am also feeling quite optimistic, which suggests its not all bad. Parts of the day are quite good, and best of all my painkillers work when I take them, and I know what to expect from them (full dose of paracetamol). I try to tough it out sometimes without them, but its been a losing battle. I'm just a bit disappointed that I need them.