The Food Hospital

Was watching this on YouTube and thought the group might find it of interest, ive started the playback link at the point where they start to talk about OA, so please ignore the thumbnail image below.


  • frogmorton
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    I feel like I saw this on TV when it was shown @MarkInSussex Thanks for posting it.

    It's interesting isn't it? Such good progress.

    (annoying the presenter pronouncing Arthritis ArthEritis isn't it?!!!)

    thanks again

    Toni x

  • Its a good watch for sure Toni, i never saw it when it aired on TV, but it came up on YT and i ended up watching the entire series in one sitting, certainly food for thought if you pardon the expression.

    And, yup, the presenter saying ArthEritis is annoying

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,016

    Yes 'Food for Thought' indeed😁

    It was a great series and did help quite a few people as I recall. I would love to know how they are all doing now though wouldn't you?


  • Aye, would be nice to know how the patients are doing now and if they sustained the dietary recommendations that were given and how those choices have either helped or not, feels a bit like an unfinished story in some ways.