A weekend away...

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Hello all,

I've just returned from a weekend in Brecon with a good friend of mine where with his helping hand I was able to climb Pen y Fan, at 873 metres the highest peak in south Wales. Going down was far worse than going up and my knees were killing me by the time we got back to the car but it was something I couldn't have even contemplated a year ago. We followed this up yesterday with a tricky and very slippery 4 mile round walk to a waterfall. I think for our next jaunt I'll invest in some walking poles to help with balance and confidence but overall the combination of physio, meds, diet and pain relief are helping me to lead an active and healthy life whilst I await knee replacement surgery. Today I am "Chuffed of Chipping Norton"! 😁


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    Good morning 'Chuffed of Chipping Norton'

    I am thrilled to read this how fabulously you did!!

    Down is always harder on knees isn't it? Well done you.

    I have a pair of hiking poles and they do help. They take a bit of getting used to, but much safer.


  • jonr
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    Thanks Toni - I really did feel a sense of achievement and it just goes to show that despite the limitations Arthritis imposes on people, it is possible to stay active with the right level of preparation.

    I find most of my pain comes from the tendons at the back of my knees so going downhill can be a very dicey affair with frequent stops to straighten up and take deep breaths. I will defo get some walking poles for next year's jaunt!



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    Well done @jonr

    You are right keeping as active as we can is really good for us all.

    Thanks for posting this


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    If this pic uploads that was me (on the left) with my pal Chris at the summit

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    Great pic! looking good up there😊

  • jonr
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    Cheers Toni - grinning out of sheer relief I think!

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    Hey, well done! And well done, your helpful mate, too!

    Mr SW did a lot of walking even after he got two dodgy hips. His knees were OK (and still are three or four years after his hip replacements) but they really gave him grief going downhill until he started using walking poles. Carry on and enjoy!

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
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    well done that is a great achievement.😊