Prolotherapy for knee athritis help /feedback

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Hi, my first post.

Im 50 years old and wondered if anyone had tried prolotherapy for knee athritis.

Ive read a couple of internet sites that this can help regenerate articular cartlidge/knee cap cartlidge as well as helping the surrounding areas.

Im really struggling mentally and already tried Hyalauronic acid injections.

Has anyone tried proletherapy.

Many thanks in advance


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    Hi @Thackers welcome to online community.

    I understand that you have knee arthritis and are asking if anyone can advice on the regeneration of articular cartilage/knee cap and surrounding area. That you are struggling mentally and have tried hyaluronic acid injections.

    Please do tell us more about yourself and which type of arthritis you have. I have attached some links for you to read, while you wait for members to connect with you:

    Thank you for being able to tell us your story.

    Best wishes.

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    I have osteoarthritis caused by knee patella tracking issues.

    the cartilage thinning is rough cause grinding depending on what I’m doing . I can hear it when I put my body in particular positions.

    I get warm knees etc

    I’ve made my symptoms worse by trying to strengthen my quads doing such as squats and leg extensions. I no longer do these exercises .

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    Hi Thackers,

    Thanks for providing more detail of your condition, I have zero cartilage under both my patellas so can thoroughly empathise with your plight. I've commented about Prolotherapy in your other post, this one is aimed at possibly giving you some tips based on my own experiences since being diagnosed last Summer.

    It would be useful to know what medication you are taking, assuming you've been prescribed anti-inflammatories and painkillers, etc, plus any "natural" remedies.

    I hear what you say about the physio, when I started I found it very difficult, even with good joint strength built up through Running, Badminton and Swimming. I found I needed to experiment with pain management to see me through and also the sort of exercise I did over and above the physio. If you get on top of your pain you may be able to do the physio but it will probably be several months before you notice the results.

    There is a lot of information about pain management here:

    I use a gel called FlexiSeq which helps with joint lubrication. Since taking this I've noticeably less grinding and crunching. I also wear a variety of knee supports. If you've not worn any before I would recommend you start with the sort that have velcrove straps, a cut-out for the knee and hinged side-supports. After a few months I was able to use plain elasticated ones.

    If you are able to freely move your knees then I can recommend cycling and spinning (that's on a static bike performed to music), as good non-impact cardio. That's what I do now I've had to give up the swimming, Badminton and running. I also use a treadmill to walk, varying speed and gradient. Walking is great for OA and a treadmill is "sprung" so even less impact than walking in a park or on a path.

    In summary, if you get your pain management right then that will make doing the physio and exercise a lot easier and that's not only going to help you keep on top of your Arthritis but increase your levels of fitness which can only be a good thing.

    All the best,


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    Thank Jon.

    i think my injuries have come from probably partially genetics but also badminton, county level , combined services but retired 5 years ago with back pain.

    live been cycling probably too much since up to 12 hours a week indoors and outdoors of which I’m sure has had some bearing on my decline.

    The biggest frustration is my naiveity in after the minor grinding started and my initial MRI scan , I invested in physio every week and was advised to strengthen my quads by squats , leg extensions , leg presses etc.

    Its only recently I’ve read these are the worse exercises for articular cartilage damage which has destroyed my mental health as I feel I’ve caused my recent decline.

    I also was using the Flexiseq extra for the burning but stopped a few weeks ago as the burning subsided.

    I take no pain killers currently

    live since had the ostenil plus injections which seems to have helped with the occasional sharp pains.

    my biggest issue is mentally I’m not coping as I can’t be active like I want to and now speaking with the Samaritans and shortly a therapist .

    thanksyou so much for your feedback

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    I am so upset to read how you were advised to do the 'wrong' exercises and potentially made things worse! Now you seem to be blaming yourself rather than whoever gave you that advice.

    I am so glad you are speaking to the Samaritans they are wonderful and will be having talking therapy soon. You certainly didn't deserve this in any way. I hope you will feel better soon at least as far as your emotional health is concerned.

    Sending some useless, but well-intentioned ((()))

    Toni x

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    Hi Thackers,

    I'm no expert though I am a sufferer of arthritis. I've just had a hip replacement.

    However, I am an expert on managing fragile mental health. (Suffered with depression for 30 years. Much better now and off meds). There is nothing more reassuring than knowing there are people out there who care. Who are happy and want to listen because they have been there, and often still are. I have been on this site in the middle of the night, and people are still out there listening.

    Plus here, there are people who are extremely knowledgeable about various forms of arthritis

    And it's not just a theoretical knowledge, because everyone on this site is living with this (literal) pain too.

    Be good to know how you are going on Thackers, and welcome to the group

    Sheelee xx 😘 ❤️ 💕

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    Thanks for taking the time to write back Thackers and as Toni and Sheelee have commented, it's such a shame about the Physio and the impact that having to cut back on exercise is having on your mental health.

    I am of no healthcare professional but I am wondering if you're "missing" the Endorphin release which exercise releases? I found it very addictive, to the point where I was putting in 2 5K runs per day, week in week out for about 4 years just to get the buzz which eventually led to my Arthritis. As well as being a natural "feel good" hormone, it's also the body's natural painkiller.

    It's no wonder your mental health has taken a beating - coming to terms with Arthritis is bad enough without having to stop doing the things you love.

    I hope the counselling will help but in any event I personally think cycling's about as good a sport as you can get as it's non-impact. Who can say whether 12 hours a week is excessive but I'm a firm believer in listening to one's body so if you're suffering then cutting back a bit or reducing the resistance on the static bike may be the answer and of course it builds up the quads.

    As for physio, I don't do all the ones I was prescribed to do either, even over a year on as they simply hurt too much so I pick n' mix mainly concentrating on stretches. There is a good range of exercises to try out on this website, so possibly worth a look.

    I use a TENS machine daily, it's not only effective at reducing pain but some of the pulses actually release Endorphins so a bit of a double-whammy you could say - pain relief and feel-good hormones in one. These are freely available from Boots or Lloyds Pharmacies and relatively portable and inexpensive.

    Please let us know how you get on and feel free to check in when you need a boost - we're all in the same boat here!


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    Hello @Thackers good to see that you are taking steps to look after your mental health by talking to the Samaritans and a therapist. There is also the Versus Arthritis Helpline as well.

    Call our helpline

    0800 5200 520

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm