Elbow replacement or radial head excision?

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I have had elbow pain for over 6 years since a fall. I had tissue growing around the bone for which I had arthroplasty and synovectomy. However, this has left my elbow joint in a terrible state and I have no cartilage left in my elbow.

i was offered a radial head excision or an elbow replacement and I am unsure which to have. I suffer from pain all day but more so at night. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in years. I am unable to eat using my right arm as it will.not bend and find things like washing my hair and packing shopping difficult, among other things.

Can I hear from people who have had either of these operations please. I am worried about elbow replacement as I am right handed and won’t be able to do much with my right arm in terms of lifting things. .I just wonder if radial head excision is as successful in relieving pain and giving back movement to my arm.

Thank you.